Practical Training Program on Oracle Primavera P6

You can attend Primavera training in Lahore, Pakistan class based or Online. ASIPT Systems provides more than 250+ IT & business training throughout Pakistan and in the World. Whether you’re searching for the customize and onsite Oracle Primavera P6 Rel. 20.x training for the individual or a private group throughout Lahore or an instructor-led online Project Management Primavera classes, ASIPT Systems has the solution for you. You can visit us for more help or details:

Primavera is the project management software program, developed and sold by Oracle, That is designed to assist a PM in developing a plan, manage resources, manage the tasks, tracking the progress, managing the budget, and analyzing the workloads.

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Project Management Tools :

a. Bar Chart b. PERT c. CPM

Project Planning

Project Scheduling

S-Curve (Resource Curve) Development

Project Cost Estimation-Resource Management

WBS Operation (Presentation Development)

Project Approval (Schedule & Budget)

Project Execution Process

Collection and Recording of Project Progress

Monitoring Project Performance through Earned Value Method.

Monitoring and Controlling of Deviations

Special Project Reports ( Printable )

Import and Export of Projects

Backup & Restore the Projects

Installation & Configuration of  Primavera Client & Server  for Primavera Administrator Course

After Completion of Practical Training on Primavera-P6 R 20.x at ASIPT, the Participants will become competent to Work in the following Special Industrial Demanded Areas.

01- Project Planning
02- Project Scheduling
03- Project Cost Estimation
04- Project Approval-Baseline Setup
05- Project Execution-Kick off Meeting
06- Collection of Project Progress
07- Recording of Project Progress
08- Monitoring for Deviations
09- Control Applications on Deviations
10-Project Closing and Review  
11- Administrator Primavera

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Importance of Primavera project management for your project ?


Whether you are working on a small level project or a big billion dollar project, Primavera Project Management can help you to complete the project within appropriate budget and time.Use of Primavera software is very common among managers and executives as it has quality to manage entire process of project perfectly. They also help organizations in making better decisions regarding portfolio management, evaluating the risks related to projects and determining whether the resources are sufficient to complete the project or not.

Types of Primavera Project Management Software?


There are two types of Primavera Project Management software- First one is Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and second type is Primavera P6 Professional Project Management.Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management- It is an incorporated project management solution which helps project-driven businesses to attain edge over their competitors. The software utilizes skills and responsibilities of each team members. This software is the perfect solution, if you want to prioritize, manage and plan your projects efficiently. The current version of this tool is 20.x.x.

The important benefits of this software are as follows:


01.Schedule, plan and manage all types of projects

2.Decide right strategy for projects

3.Balance resource competence

4.Allot best possible resources and track growth

5.Observe project performance

6.Promote team collaboration

7.Incorporate with human resource and financial management.

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management- This software is mostly used by project manager. It is specially designed to manage large-sized and versatile projects. This superior software offers limitless number of target plans and resources, allowing you to handle multidimensional projects.The current version of Primavera is 20.x..

Some of the following benefits of Primavera P6 Professional Project Management are as follows:


a. Balance resource power

b. Plan and control complicated projects

c. Assign best resources and track growth of the project

d. Monitor and envisage performance of projectcarry out what-if investigation and analyze substitute project plans.

Both types of project portfolio management software are highly efficient for any types of industry. If you or your company is also interested in Primavera training, We are offering the training and service at an affordable rate.

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