How to Become a Top Seller on Daraz?

In this Daraz course in ASIPT Systems, you will learn about the latest typologies, techniques and working plans that help sellers and consumers to sell and purchase with ease. Student learn how to manage your Daraz Store/online Shop, Financial Accounts, product hunting, Product sourcing and many more strategies.

Daraz VA Training Course Daraz VA Training Courseenrich your knowledge about the business. After that course you are able to start your online business with little investment having ZERO operating cost.

  1. After this course you get the maximum knowledge how to start the business.
  2. Very low cost business model everyone can start.
  3. After this course you are able to do different online e commerce business.
  4. ZERO Operating cost
  5. Positive ROI


ASIPT Systems offers Daraz training and Services and it took an initiative of giving Daraz training  in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, Azad Kashmir, and other major cities of Pakistan.


Why to choose online business?

The present time is the era of online business and trading. If you want to do traditional business, he need to put more input before getting any output (which is still at risk). In COVID-19, people are seen to be more inclined towards online shopping that’s why we are offering you Daraz seller course in Pakistan, so that you can learn how to sell your product through Daraz. While this trend was less common before it. This has provided small and large scale businesses with a great chance to sell and promote their products among a substantial amount of customers/audience without investing a lot in promotions. Throughout the world there are a number of platforms that are offering buying and selling of goods and service online. for example Amazon, ebay, Walmart, flip cart and Alibaba, AliExpress and more. But Daraz is in the top online shopping site in Pakistan, Now a Days Daraz is the most viewing app for online shopping.

What is Daraz seller mode?

Because Daraz is an online e commerce plateform in Pakistan. It provides online marketplace and a great platform to buyers and sellers for the business and trading of products. Almost every type of goods can be found there. One needs to be a pro and for this purpose, proper understanding is required, which ASIPT Daraz training for Virtual Assistant VA is offering in the form of a complete daraz VA training guide and course in Lahore. We are here to guide you about all the does and don’ts while using this app being a seller so that you can make your mark in the field of e commerce. Online daraz seller course in Pakistan.

Online Daraz course by ASIPT Systems Trainings

ASIPT trainings, being the best training institute in Lahore is offering this daraz training course for those who need guidance on how to gain attention of more customers on their products. This will enable the sellers to use different techniques and technologies for enhancing their products sale. Online Daraz course is one of the courses which is not offered commonly by most of the training institutes but ASIPT make every possible struggle to educate and train it’s students in the field of their interest. Well educated instructors and mentors will make sure that the students will know every smallest detail and hacks of using and maintaining their daraz shop by providing course of daraz seller course in Pakistan. Not only for daraz, but this online daraz course in arfa tower will also prove to be beneficial in polishing overall business tricks of the learner. It will definitely enhance the skills of doing online business with a very less input but yielding suffice amount of outputs. We also offer daraz course in lahore Pakistan for people from Lahore.

  1. The online daraz seller training course will be consisting of different phases. With each passing phase, the learner will be having a complete command on different areas of the course. In the first phase of this online daraz training the learners would be introduced to e commerce and daraz basics.
  2. In the second phase the learners will know all the daraz policies, account set up, rules and regulations, Seller Centre Overview, Seller Centre Basic Management.
  3. Third phase comprises of Product Hunting Basic, Advance Strategies of Product Hunting, Product Listing Advance Techniques, Order & Reviews, Promotions, Store Decoration for enhanced selling. While the last phase will be covering topics like Finance, customer dealing, Daraz Mall, FBD and FBM.

Daraz VA Training Course Major Outlines:


  • Daraz Introduction
  • Seller Account Registration
  • Product Researching
  • Content Writing
  • Keyword Researching
  • Managing Orders
  • Listing Product (Single/Variation)
  • Item Ranking
  • Brand Searching
  • How To Contact Support
  • Review Building
  • Customer Service (Communication Skill – Answering Queries )

ASIPT has always been the trendsetter in the field of IT Short courses in Lahore, Pakistan. These courses guarantee to provide the students with latest and best use of technology that will not only help them in making sufficient amount of money, but would also qualify them to excel in the race of I.T.  At present ASIPT is offering the best Daraz course in Pakistan. So hurry up and join us to become a master seller on daraz.

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