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Decision Making and Analytical Skills are such important skills that are extensively required and appreciated in today’s organizational setups. SPSS is a statistical data analysis tool widely used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government agencies, NGOs, education researchers, marketing organizations and others. This tool would help to enhance your confidence to make decisions on any given data.

Management Sciences and Business Administration graduates need to SPSS Trainingknow this application for their reports, thesis and completion of research papers. Qualified researchers would be delivering their experiences with the help of software to enlighten your data analysis skills. Interaction with research scholars would definitely boost your knowledge about research and data analysis Tools and Techniques. We have the best team of SPSS experts.

Following methodology would be adopted for better understanding of SPSS.

  • Class Lectures
  • Practical work
  • Expert Lectures
  • Activity based learning practices
  • Availability of helping material (notes)
  • Availability of Audio/Video lectures

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