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This course will enable the pass outs to become familiar and be expert with Amazon as a Virtual Assistant. In contrast to other short freelancing courses, this program is termed as Virtual Assistant for Amazon. Trainees, fresh graduates, professional, job holders, clerk, less income holders, un-employed will be learning the ways of being a Virtual Assistant for Amazon to take projects from customers, small and large enterprises and working from home as per customer’s requirement. The trainee will be able to deal with all the administration and customer support related to Amazon as well as able to find a product and launch in the marketplace and learn to employed through,, and peopleperhour free lancing platforms.  ASIPT is one of the best service provider agency/institute/college for amazon virtual assistant – VA training Course in Lahore Pakistan.

Amazon Store Management Training Program & Certification




On successful completion of this course the trainee should be able to:-

Amazon Virtual Assistant – VA major understanding and course outlines are mentioned here.
  1. Introduction to eCommerce Business
  2. What is Amazon Platform?
  3. Manage an Amazon Account.
  4. Understanding of Amazon Business Models.
  5. Amazon Drop-shipping/ FBA / FBM / Arbitrage ?
  6. Understand the use of different data research tools for Product Research.
  7. Understanding of Product Searching and Sourcing for Amazon.
  8. Order Fulfillment tasks starting from Inventory replenishment to shipping FBM orders to customers.
  9. Providing customer service for Amazon Customers on client’s behalf and handling Returns, Refunds.
  10. Management of an Amazon Listing from inception to optimization.
  11. Advertisement campaign Management for Amazon (PPC).
  12. Product Launch and Ranking
  13. Understanding of Free lancing on eBay,Upwork, Daraz and Fiverr as Amazon Virtual Assistant.
  14. Handling cases/issues/troubleshooting of Seller Central Accounts.
  15. Tax Handling.
  16. The Complete Guide to learning of How to Sell on Amazon using Dropshipping, FBA, FBM models.

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AMAZON Virtual Assistant Course Outlines:

• Why Amazon?

• eCommerce trends and business potential

• Decision of the marketplace

• Amazon Business Models

• Which Information needed to create account (Professional or Individual)

• Account Setup

AMAZON – Private Label:

• Introduction about ranking and rating

• Product hunting using tools and keywords hunting

• Category approval, patent checking, trademark issues

• Sourcing supplier hunting

• Sampling, ordering and inventory management

• Calculations Cost  or Profit

• Listing creation and optimization & shipment creation

• Product launching on Amazon

• Social media, website presence and PPC Campaigns

• Listing promotion

• Review request

• How to handle multiple accounts?

• Amazon customer support issues

• How to register brand

AMAZON – FBA Wholesale:

• Introduction and product hunting using tools

• How to search dead listing using tools

• Introduction about ranking and rating

• Website and social media presence

• Supplier distributor hunting

• Brand approval and category approval

• How to create and attach with the branded listings?

• Shipment creation methods.

• Ordering and Inventory Management

• Invoicing and get Resell or Authority Letters

• Cost (Profit Calculation) and How to run PPC Campaigns?

• Automate Pricing and How to handle Account?

• Amazon Customer Support Issues

AMAZON – Drop shipping

• Introduction and Product Hunting using tools

• How to search dead listings using tools

• Introduction about rankings and ratings

• Suppliers Retailers Hunting

• How to create and attach with the branded listing?

• Shipment template creation and Know about Handling time

• How to fulfill Orders?

• How to get tracking numbers?

• How to update tracking numbers on Amazon?

• How to win buybox?

• Buyer Customer Support Issues

• How to search products through Barcodes?

• Learn about amazon pricing strategies

• Returns and Refunds Management

• Handling Disputes, claims, chargebacks

• Ordering and Inventory Management

• Invoicing and get Resell or Authority Letters

• Cost (Profit Calculation) and how to handle Account?

• Amazon Customer Support Issues

AMAZON – Virtual Assistant

• Introduction

• Listing Creation and Handle listing issues

• Content writing and Me Too listings

• Product hunting

• Sourcing and supplier hunting

• Inventory management and Handle FBM Orders

• Handle Listing Issues and Handle Buyer Complaints

• Account health issues and Find and resolve customer support issues

• How to avoid late shipments and cancellation rate

• Reports Management

• Shipment creation

• Order management strategy

• How to do PPC Optimization?

• Private Label – PL Product Launching Strategies (Promotions, Coupons)

• Listing promotion (How to find honest clients via social media or freelancing websites)

• Understanding of Daraz account, eBay account

• Freelancing (How to create gigs, send proposals on Fiverr, Upworks, Freelance, etc.)


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