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Tricks for SAP Installation Failed

It is easy to managed the installation of  SAP Business One 8.2 on SQL Server 2005/2008.“We installed and uninstall some times but the installation failed”. Here are some tricks that will help you install the Server Tools component:

  • When you enter the SQL Server name, do not enter an IP address, you must enter the server name and the instance name (i.e. SAPB1\SQLINSTANCE).
  • Need to check that the SQL Server Browser service is active and automatic. If not then change the settings of the service, restart the server and install SAP B 1 again.
  • TCP/IP protocol should be enabled for SQL Server.
  • Firewall software should not be enabled on your server, it is recommended to “disable” it.
  • When you asked to feed your SQL credentials, please do not enter your windows or network credentials, enter the SQL account directly.

If everything goes well and after a couple of hours of installation, you should be able to see your SAP Business One client with the new gold interface.

SAP Business One Login Window



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