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How to ready for the Job Market

How to Be Ready for the Latest Job Market?

You may have already noticed: the job market is changing rapidly. Harvard Business Review’s blog: “Temporary placement service provider Adecco predicts the growth rate for contingent workers will be three to four times the growth rate among traditional workforces, and that they eventually will make up about 25 percent of the global workforce.” What does this new world of work mean for you? Even if you have a traditional job now, you may find yourself in a position down the road where your livelihood depends on your ability to market yourself as a one-person company. The writing is on the wall: the job market and career opportunities are changing—you need to be prepared.

Follow these three tips to get yourself ready for the new job market:
1. Pay attention to trends in your industry
2. Develop niche expertise (Really good at something specific)
3. Learn to market yourself (personal branding)

M. Nadeem
Chief Instructor
ASIPT Systems

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