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MS Exchange Server

This course contains how to configure and manage a Microsoft Exchange Server messaging environment.MS Exchange Server This course require no previous Exchange Server experience, but does require that students have significant experience in managing Windows Server and AD DS. This will provide you guidelines, best practices, and considerations that will help you optimize your Exchange server deployment.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Install and deploy Exchange Server 2010/2013.
  • Configure Mailbox servers and mailbox server components.
  • Manage recipient objects.
  • Configure the Client Access server role.
  • Manage message transport.
  • Configure the secure flow of messages between the Exchange Server organization and the Internet.
  • Implement a high availability solution for Mailbox servers and other server roles.
  • Plan and implement backup and restore for the server roles.
  • Plan and configure messaging policy and compliance.
  • Configure Exchange Server permissions and security for internal and external access.
  • Monitor and maintain the messaging system.
  • Transition an Exchange Server 2003/Exchange Server 2007/ Exchange Server 2010 organization to Exchange Server 2013.
  • Configure the Unified Messaging Server role and Unified Messaging components.
  • Implement high availability across multiple sites and implement Federated Sharing.


Step 1: Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2010/2013 Step 2: Configuring Mailbox ServersStep 3: Managing Recipient Objects

Step 4: Managing Client Access

Step 5: Managing Message Transport

Step 6: Implementing Messaging Security

Step 7: Implementing High Availability

Step 8: Implementing Backup and Recovery

Step 9: Configuring Messaging Policy and Compliance

Step 11: Maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 2010/2013

Step 12: Transitioning from Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007 or Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013

Step 13: Implementing Unified Messaging

Step 14: Advanced Topics in Exchange Server 2010/2013


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