Kyrgyzstan officially the Kyrgyz Republic is A landlocked Central Asian country and is of incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions. Kyrgyzstan’s recorded history spans over 2,000 years, most of the territory of the present-day Kyrgyz Republic was formally annexed to the Russian Empire in 1876.it got its independence after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. that’s why Russian is still widely spoken though it has its own Kyrgyz language. it is a member of the UN. its population is about 6.5 million. Ninety percent of the population are Muslims, with the majority being Sunni. In addition to its Turkic origins, Kyrgyz culture bears elements of Persian, Mongolian, and Russian influence. Kyrgyzstan has a beautiful climate that ranges from -25 °C in January to 24 °C in July.It is bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China.
It’s capital and largest city is Bishkek. where most of the medical institutes are located. The literacy rate is 99.6%. currency is SOM. its nominal GDP is 8 billion dollars approx.

Why Choose Kyrgyzstan for MBBS/MD/BDS

Kyrgyzstan is Hot favorite and well-known destination for medical students. More than 10,000 international students are already studying medicine in Kyrgyzstan. some

advantages of studying in Kyrgyzstan are as follows.

1: 5 years English Medium Program

2: No IELTS, No Entry Test

3: Islamic Country, Halal Foods

4: Degree equivalent to Europe

5: WHO, HEC Pakistan, PM&DC, MCI, FAIMER approved

6: Low Cost, Semester visa payment

7: 100% admission, 100% visa

8: Zero Donation, No Bank Statement

9: Separate Hostel for boys and girls

10: Europe migration

11: Scholarship Opportunities

12: Low/minimum Living Cost/s

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan General Information

The duration of MBBS/BDS is 5 years in all universities. some institutes also offer a 6-year MBBS course as well. the academic curriculum of Kyrgyzstan is the same as in Pakistan with some extra subjects to boost your overall knowledge. Universities are WHO recognized which means that students who graduated from them will be able to appear in any licensing exam like PM&DC (NEB OR NLE) Or any other exams like MCI, USMLE, PLAB, etc. Admissions are open 2 times in a year i.e September and February intake you can also say Fall & Spring intake but if the seats filled timely, Universities only accept the applications for September intake. mostly universities accept only those students who have a minimum of 60% marks in HSSC/FSc but there are some institutes that allow admission to students having marks lower than 60%. As PM&DC policy students having marks lower than 60% will have to get NOC from court to appear in the licensing exam. Foreign teachers from Pakistan and India are also teaching in most institutes. Halal Food is also available in the mess of all universities.


The living Expenses and Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan are cheap and affordable as compared to other countries like Ukraine, Europe,etc. in Kyrgyzstan the living cost per month for international students is about 120$ to 200$ per month according to students own will.

Admission process

The student will have to send us pictures or scanned PDF of Matric and FSc result card and his/her Date of Birth to apply for admission letter which will normally take 2-3 working days to come. result awaiting students of the first year can also apply for an admission letter. For invitation letter or e-Visa students will have to pay 300$ and send us the front page of the passport. this will take 7-14 days to come from foreign Ministry. The student must have all these documents on arrival in Kyrgyzstan.

Required Documents for MBBS Admission

1- Matric & FSC Pre-Medical Result Card (60% Marks) [Attested By IBCC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

2- Police Character Certificate [Attested by Foreign Affairs]

3- Medical Certificate [Attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

4- 30 Recent white background photographs

5- Passport Copy (Front Page)

For Admissions & Transfer Contact

BELS Consultants: 1A Faiz Road Muslim Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

     Phone No. +92-345-0786-662, info@asipt.net